Time tooo control panel

Time tooo control panel is a very friendly and simple control panel for use and includes instant locking, schedule locking and one way messaging.

Control panel:

Press the required device, it will be marked in blue.

For manual and instant device locking press the red lock button, now chosen device will mute sound and lock with a black transparent screen cover and a call icon will appear for outgoing calls.

For unlocking device press the green unlock button and locked device will unlock.



You can choose to control by editing the restricted device time for each device by one time scheduling,

for example the restricted device will be unlocked every day between 16:00 – 19:32 or different time for each day.


Choose device in control panel by pressing it, now it will be marked in blue.

Press in the top of the control panel the clock for editing the blue marked chosen device.

Now the schedule editing screen will appear.

For editing a single day, scroll to you selected day and press “add rule to selected day” choose from what time to what time the device will be locked and press save.

Many rules can be edited on a single day or on all days.

For editing a rule for all day’s press: add rule to all days.

Remark: if you get a collision message it’s because you made 2 rules colliding or your start time is greater than your ending rule time.


One way messaging:

You can choose what message will appear on locked devices, different messages for different devices as well.

Choose device in control panel by pressing it, now it will be marked in blue.

Press the message icon on the top of the control panel now a message text box will open, write a short message if you like and you can add a smiley as well if you wish.

Now the written message will appear an locked device.


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