Time tooo installation

Time tooo application will contain 2 parents (2 devices with a control panel) and 12 controllable devices.


First time installation and registration


Installing on Parents devices

Download and install application.

Open app and choose parent

Choose “create a new family”
Enter required details and choose your unique family code.

Now the Control panel will appear each time you will open Time tooo application and all registered devices related to your unique family code.

Installing on children or other restricted devices

Download and install application.

Before installation ends  allow and confirm write screen option and press back button.
Open application
Choose child

Enter your unique family code.
Enter child or restricted device name
And Confirm.
Child or restricted device name will appear on parent control panel.
Installation ended,

time tooo icon will disappear from child or restricted device


Uninstalling time tooo from child or other restricted device

Time tooo icon will appear only after parent deletes in from the control panel for uninstalling from child or restricted deceives.


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